Kosa La Vita - Revision

Kosa La Vita - Revision

Kosa La Vita - Revision (Trailer)

Kosa La Vita - Revision is the next step of the aestehtic research in music documentary theatre about the war crimes trials against Dr. Ignace Murwanashyaka and Straton Musoni. The points of view of the participants of the trial and the audience reactions to the presentation of part 1 are the starting point for a dramaturgical exploration: How can we manipulate the audience's opinions through changes of perspective? How can we integrate the audiences opnion into the dramaturgy of the presentation? The principal of the thematic zoom will be further explored - from the global bird's eye perspective to the microanalysis of the meaning of a word in translation. A more in depth collaboration with the composer Mathias Schubert will bring the connection between music, translation processes and scenic represenation to the next level.

In July/August 2015 flausen was hosted by Theaterlabor Bielefeld.

Researched and performed byKonradin Kunze, Katharina Pfänder, Lisa Stepf, Sophia Stepf, Kathrina Hülsmann, Simon Zigah
Music (Composition)Mathias Schubert
MentorHannes Seidl


'"What they are attempting to do is really important”, says Wrede. “But it’s so big”, he says, “actually much too big”. KOSA LA VITA is the title of this research project. “It sounds so harmless”, explains Wrede, “But it’s kisuaheli and it means ‘war of crime’”. The companies are dealing with the current trial held at Oberlandesgericht Stuttgart against Ignace Murwanahsyaka and Straton Musoni, who allegedly orchestrated massacres in the eastern Congo via sms and satellite telephone from Mannheim, Germany. No-one can say if there will ever be an adequate translation of this complicated trial for the stage. “But what’s the use of theatre if it doesn’t even try?” says Wrede. “If you are not allowed to fail anymore, then art is dead.”’