Flinntheater - The Power Play

Vorschaubild für das Projekt "The Power Play"

In THE POWER PLAY, two actors and one musician manoeuvre between storytelling, science fiction and ritual. An evening infused by electronic music and power, with preaching by a very special guest.

What connects the small town of Kassel in Germany with Nigeria’s megacity Lagos? It is a young Nigerian named Ademola who is picked up by the smartphone witch. He gets magically transported to Kassel, where he is making lots of money caring for all the old people of the region. But of course, he has to pay a price. In an as yet unproduced filmscript with all its subplots, continents and centuries are crossed in a new form of storytelling.

Meanwhile, meet the genius inventor of the alternate current and the promoter of free energy: Nicola Tesla. Imagine what would happen if all of Germany was hit by a seven day power cut. You can't? Want to know how the IFA oracle of the Yoruba and digital technologies are connected, and what the god Shango and the inventor Tesla have in common?

THE POWER PLAY connects storytelling and power-performing with live music that is handmade on the futuristic instrument prototype, the 'Fello', the only one of its kind. A very special guest is invited to preach to us about the oily spirit and where to find the oil of gladness, when the pipelines run dry.

Performer Toks Körner, Andi Otto, Lisa Stepf
Special Guest    Konradin Kunze
Director Sophia Stepf
Music Andi Otto
Text Flinntheater & Lekan Balogun
Assistenz Luisa Bitterlin
Costumes Lisa Stepf & Friede Funk
Technical support Stefan Cordes & Jonas Nagel

Production Management: ehrliche arbeit - freies Kulturbüro

Guide in Lagos: Aderemi Adegbite

Co-produced by Goethe-Institut Nigeria

Supported by: Kulturhaus Dock 4 Kassel, Kassel Kultur 2012, Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst, Gerhard-Fieseler-Stiftung, WELL Being Stiftung, kara burun tours & Sparda Bank Hessen

Language: German or English


‘The ensemble skillfully works with leaps in time, symbols and switching monologues. The lighting and sound design suggest the atmosphere of a laboratory, and video loops create yet another dimension. Apocalyptic zero-gravity hovers above the piece (…) tremendous applause.’
(Hessisch Niedersächsische Allgemeine, 27 September 2012)