Flinn Works organised a transnational performance think tank in order to find new models, ideas, visions for transnational performances in the future. In the age of Covid-19 and the climate crisis we discussed challenges and best practices of performances that have been realised during lock-down and travel restriction. How can a (transnational) performance take place when not all of the performers and/or audience are in the same physical space?

Flinn Works invited former and future collaborators and collegues to participate in two Think Tank sessions, held on 9th November and 1st December 2020. The first Think Tank session centered around best practice models and featured short presentations by all participants, addressing questions of power and representation, technological challenges, audiences and dramaturgies. From Think Tank 1 evolved five topics, that were investigated in Think Tank 2: Bodies in digital space, Access, Transformation of the role of the artist, Connection of creators and audiences and Collaborations. All participants presented ideas, challenges and best practice projects.

Participants (in alphabetical order): Abhishek Thapar, Anuja Ghosalkar, Benjamin Krieg, Gustavo Fijalkow, Irawati Karnik, Konradin Kunze, Lea Dietrich, Lisa Stepf, Mark Coniglio, Nimi Ravindran, Shabari Rao, Sharon Paz, Sophia Stepf, Srividya Srinivas, Tanvi Shah, Venuri Perera, Vivek Madan, Wesley Ruzibiza




Concept: Flinn Works
Think Tank management: Vivek Madan
Administration: Gustavo Fijalkow
Documentation: Irawati Karnik, Tanvi Shah
Design: Shaizia Jifri, Kriti Tewaree

Funded by the Reload scholarship of the German Federal Cultural Foundation

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