Tieranatomisches Theater HU Berlin: 09.11.2018 - 12.01.2019
Darch / Dar es Salam: 5.2.-22.2.2019
Old Court House / Old Moshi: 2.3.2019 - indefinetely

Global Belly portrays the people entangled in the transnational surrogacy business. In an installation/performance, breezy agents meet content surrogates, arguing feminists encounter loving intended fathers. Is surrogacy work, charity or a new form of neocolonialism? Should it be legalised or banned? This performance shifts between borderless desire, finely balanced intimacy, heated debate and the cool logic of the market.

'I was deeply impressed with how you managed to pose a range of views, ideas and positions on the topic in a non-threatening interactive way. The play takes us 'behind the scenes' and engages with the topic of surrogacy in a nuanced way, highlighting the complex interrelationships, needs, desires and realities of international surrogacy. Bravo!' Prof. Andrea Whittacker, Anthropologist, Monash University Melbourne

'Watching and being involved in Global Belly was a unique experience for me. The performance touched on many themes that we - social science researchers - discussed during our Surrogacy Workshop in Amsterdam. It did so in a considerate way, addressing the perspectives of various people involved. While normally I dislike to be involved in interactive theatre, I really appreciated the subtle way interaction with the audience was encouraged in Global Belly. Great actors!' Dr. Trudie Gerrits, Anthropologist, University of Amsterdam

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