Themenschwerpunkt 2016

Focus 2016:
Colonial History of former `German East-Africa`

Maji Maji Flava - Comments

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Flinn Works has been nominated for the George Tabori Prize 2017.

Nine days after the performances of "Maji Maji Flava" in Dar es Salam, the Tanzanian parliament has started a debate wether demands tor reparations for those affected by the Maji Maji war should be adressed to the Germen gouvernment.

"Deutsche Welle: Why are you taking this action at this time?

Hussein Mwinyi (Minister of Defense and National Service of Tanzania): In this case it was the result of a question that was asked in parliament by one of the members of the leadership who wanted to know whether the government is prepared to ask the German government to compensate those affected by the Maji Maji war."



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