a small, small world (trailer 8 min)

Im Januar 2011 haben Flinntheater & Friends (Konradin Kunze, Sophia Stepf, Abhishek Majumdar) in Bangalore das Dokumentarstück a small small world produziert:

Greenland, close to the north pole 26th april 2007: by accident a helicopter pilot sees a man in the ice, picks him up and saves his life. the man is hamidur rahman from bangladesh, 30 years old and on his way to his dream land canada – illegally, ill-equipped and on foot.

he has come from germany, where he was about to be deported back to bangladesh. it is not the first time hamidur is running – from his political involvement in bangladesh he runs away to malaysia, from there he flees with his malaysian wife and their son to germany. but what is he running from and who will believe him? a clever villager on the global move, smart enough to get dangerously close to his dreams and failing to find a place in this world.

two actors with minimal sets and a camera, re-imagine scenes from hamidur’s life. the play questions the idea of representing or acting somebody else’s story and seeks to find grains of truth in the fiction that is called documentary.

Abhishek Majumdar writes on - " Living with Difference in Intercultural Theatre" on www.culture360.org


Premiere war am 7.2.11 in Dhaka im Goethe-Institut, das Stück tourte anschließend nach Chittagong und Bangalore (Ranga Shankara und Goethe-Institut). In Deutschland wurde es bisher am Stadttheater Bremerhaven im Rahmen des Odyssee:Heimat-Festivals gezeigt und dem Hamburger Schauspielhaus (Hamburger Botschaft).

Am 16.6.13 wird es als szenische Lesung beim Festival "zeitgeist dc: documentary theatre" in Washington D.C. präsentiert.

Regie, Text, Recherche Konradin Kunze & Sophia Stepf
Mit Abhishek Majumdar & Konradin Kunze
Mit Texten von / Interviews mit Tina Uebel, Sadia Swatee, Julia Fischer-Ortman, Hanna Mitzlaff, Philip Haucke, Del Penner, Dilawar Hussein, Helal Uddin u.a.

In Zusammenarbeit mit ITI Deutschland und den Goethe-Instituten Dhaka und Bangalore


„Ingeniously crafted, ‘a small, small world’ is peppered with sardonic humour that reiterates the futility of man-made national boundaries. The sets were minimal, but the fascinating technique of creating a small set of landscapes of the places hamidur lived in, and projecting it on a screen was brilliant. Praiseworthy indeed was the immense research that went into making this play. For this, Konradin Kunze and Sophia Stepf must be applauded. A powerful script coupled with the convincing story-telling abilities of Abhishek Majumdar and konradin kunze made the play worth a watch.“
(The Hindu, march 2011)

„What Sophia, Kunze and Majumdar have managed to create is a moving and emotional theatre experience that brings alive the human side of Rahman. Wonderful performances and the innovative use of properties for live projections rather than on stage helped recreate Rahman’s world.“
(India Today, march 2011)